Northside Church

A United Methodist Congregation


New to Northside?

Welcome Booklet

Thank you for your interest in Northside Church. welcome_booklet_tnailWe have produced a welcome booklet to help you learn about the church and get around our property. Printed versions of the booklets are available once you arrive. However, for a PDF preview of the booklet, click here.

How to Get Here

Going South on I-75
Take Exit 252-A (Northside Drive)
Turn left on Northside Dr
NUMC is 2 miles ahead on the right

Going North on I-75
Take Exit 252-A (Northside Drive)
Turn right on Northside Dr
NUMC is 2 miles ahead on the right

From Peachtree Rd
Go west on West Wesley Rd
Turn right on Northside Dr
NUMC is 0.2 miles ahead on the right

If you get lost, give us a call at (404) 355-6475.

Where to Park

Parking is available in the deck along Kingswood Drive.  If the parking deck is full, please use the parking lots at Sutton Middle School (formerly North Atlanta High School) but please do not park along the street.

Where to Go

Once you park, follow the sidewalk up to the main church building. You will be welcomed by our Sunday Greeter Team members and Sunday Servants. They can direct you where you need to go.

Fellowship Hall


Sports and Recreation (Room 335, art classes, ballet)


Church Offices/Chapel/Dr. Gil




Faith and Arts Center




Children's Ministries


Board Room


Tae Kwon Do (Room 35)



Northside Church
2799 Northside Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (404) 355-6475
Fax: (404) 355-6478


Northside United Methodist Church is a Safe Sanctuary Church. To learn more about Safe Sanctuaries, click here.

Sunday Worship Services

Traditional Service - 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM - Sanctuary
Communion Service - 9:30-9:45AM - Prayer Chapel
Contemporary Service - 9:45 AM - Faith & Arts Center

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Contact Us

Northside Church

2799 Northside Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (404) 355-6475
Fax: (404) 355-6478


Pastor on Call

If an emergency occurs after office hours, please call the church office main phone number and listen for the prompts, or press "8" to leave a message. The pastor on call will contact you.


  • Ministers

  • Ministers' Assistants

    • Ellen Griewahn
      Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor
      ph. 678.298.5042 Ministers' Assistants
    • Leslie Bell
      Executive Assistant to Senior Associate Pastor & Membership
      ph. 678.298.6333 Ministers' Assistants
    • Gayle Boland
      Administrative Assistant to Pastoral Care
      ph. 678.298.5070 Ministers' Assistants
  • Administration

    • Ernest Coleman
      Executive Director
      ph. 678.298.5060 Administration
    • Nick Houston
      Business Manager
      ph. 678.298.5054 Administration
    • Martha Graves
      Administrative Assistant & Financial Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5041 Administration
    • Julia Owens
      Financial Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5059 Administration
    • Maragaret Sale
      ph. 404.367.2357 Administration
    • Tim Miltner
      Director of Facilities
      ph. 678.298.5072 Administration
    • Trisha Kirsch
      Administration Assistant/Office Staff
      ph. 404.355.6475 Administration
    • Randy White
      I.T. Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5038 Administration
  • Adult Education

    • Amy Walker
      Director, Worship and Education
      ph. 678.298.5061 Adult Education
    • Stacey Connell
      Executive Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5068 Adult Education
  • Children's Ministries

    • Rev. Catherine Boothe
      ph. 404.367.2370 Children's Ministries
    • Estee Lassiter
      Director of Childcare
      ph. 678.298.5044 Children's Ministries
    • Dana Moore
      Preschool Ministries Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5039 Children's Ministries
    • Marie Smith
      Administrative Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5034 Children's Ministries
    • Taylor Driskill
      Elementary Coordinator
      ph. 404.367.2366 Children's Ministries
  • Contemporary Worship

    • Josh Smith
      ph. 678.298.5071 Contemporary Worship
  • Creative Services

    • Jason Clay
      ph. 678.298.5036 Creative Services
    • Becky Everette
      Office Manager
      ph. 678.298.5077 Creative Services
    • Elisabeth Shabi
      Graphic Designer
      ph. 404.367.2353 Creative Services
    • Gaye Elam
      Associate Designer
      ph. 404.367.2353 Creative Services
    • Cheree Moreland
      Web Developer
      ph. 678.298.6322 Creative Services
  • Drama

  • Facilities

    • Tim Miltner
      Director of Facilities
      ph. 678.298.5072 Facilities
    • Patrick Murphy
      Facilities Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.6332 Facilities
  • MAP

  • Missions

  • Music

    • Michael Moffit
      ph. 678.298.5062 Music
    • Gwyn Bacon
      Organist -- Associate Director, Music Ministries & Worship Arts
      ph. 678.298.5047 Music
    • Meredith Baker
      Director of Children's and Youth Choirs
      ph. 678.298.5063 Music
    • Melissa Godbee
      Music Ministry Coordinator and Program Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5040 Music
    • Ann Edwards
      Administrative Volunteer
      ph. 678.298.5031 Music
  • Preschool

  • Production

  • Sports and Recreation

    • Kelley Stonis
      ph. 678.298.5066 Sports and Recreation
    • Clayton Schmitt
      Assistant Director, Sports League
      ph. 678.298.6331 Sports and Recreation
    • Katie Grady
      Camp Evergreen Director
      ph. Sports and Recreation
    • Jim Horesco
      Sports Leagues Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.6325 Sports and Recreation
    • Debbie Jett
      Sports Leagues & Summer Camps Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5076 Sports and Recreation
    • Edie Lvov
      Programs & Administrative Assistant
      ph. 678.298.5058 Sports and Recreation
    • Todd Massar
      Roller Hockey Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5067 Sports and Recreation
  • Student Ministries

    • Rand Eberhard
      Director & Minister to Students
      ph. 404.367.2347 Student Ministries
    • Anne Cramer
      Middle School Associate
      ph. 404.367.2345 Student Ministries
    • Ben Glanton
      Middle School Associate
      ph. 678.298.5052 Student Ministries
    • Margaret Dickey
      High School Associate
      ph. 404.351.6558 Student Ministries
    • Linda Joy
      MAP Logistics Manager
      ph. 678.298.6323 Student Ministries
  • Women's Ministry

    • Sue Allen
      ph. 678.298.5045 Women's Ministry
    • Christa Groves
      Program Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5035 Women's Ministry
    • Laura Currie
      Discipleship Coordinator
      ph. 678.298.5045 Women's Ministry
  • Young Adults

    • Todd Baker
      ph. 678.298.5055 Young Adults