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Northside Church

Cumberland Counseling Center

Northside has a counseling center on site – Cumberland Counseling Center. We believe our mental health is the foundation on which we view and relate to everything: ourselves, the world around us, even God. We know that trauma and wounds from our past will greatly impact how we relate to God. We are ready to confidentially work with you, walking alongside you as you heal, grow, and transform into more of who you are meant to be. Reach out any time.

Services Offered

  • Individual counseling for adults, teens, and adolescents

  • Family counseling

  • Marital and relationship counseling

  • Pre-marital and pre-engagement counseling

  • Supportive/therapeutic groups

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Therapeutic Groups

  • Workshops

Through the counseling center, we can treat things like anxiety, depression and suicidality, trauma, grief and loss, relational issues, and more.

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Meet The Site Director

Robert Vore, LPC is an Atlanta-area therapist with a particular focus in adolescents and young adults, with trainings/certifications in areas such as anxiety, suicidality, and more. He’s also a certified QPR Suicide Prevention Instructor for groups of any size and offers trainings and consultations to churches, ministries, and other groups on topics such as the intersection of faith and mental health, youth development, college student mental health, and maintaining your mental health while working in ministry.

He’s also an advocate online for better mental health engagement in faith communities, with writing featured in Relevant, The Mighty, Thought Catalog, Patheos, and more, as well as the co-host of CXMH, a podcast about faith and mental health that has worldwide reach. Before becoming a therapist, he worked in various non-profits and ministries, including college ministry and education. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, their two kids, and their dog.  Robert and his family worship and serve at Eastside United Methodist Church.


Cumberland Counseling provides clinical mental health counseling as well as education and trainings to community groups, churches, and businesses. The licensed professionals are committed to the highest standards of therapeutic practice and adhere to state ethical codes. Cumberland counselors draw upon their clinical training and formal education to address each unique need.

There is a larger team of 9 licensed, professional therapists who are diverse in specialty and training. If a client prefers to meet with a therapist with a different specialty or if a client has a specific scheduling need, our wider team can accommodate them. When a client reaches out for counseling, our team will walk them through the process of selecting the right therapist to fit their specific needs, and get them connected directly with that therapist. Clients have the option to meet in person at the Northside location or online in therapy based on their therapist preference.

$120-$160/session, plus a sliding scale available for any clients with financial concerns.

At this time Cumberland Counseling at Northside does not accept insurance, but offers counseling scholarships when needed.